Travelling with Toddlers: Here’s how you can make your Vacation Go Smoothly

  • October 9, 2020

Traveling with toddlers can be quite challenging and overwhelming. Parents often find themselves spending twice as long as much on almost everything. Thanks to our sponsors at Grasslands Environmental for the support! Whether you’re going for a road trip or flying to a destination for vacation, traveling with toddlers requires almost double the preparation you put in for an adult-only trip. So, how do you ensure a smooth traveling experience with your toddler?

Don’t Forget Diapers and other Hygiene Essentials

Travel usually affects everyone and can even mess up your child’s stomach. Don’t assume that everything will just be fine since your kid is completely potty-trained. Be sure to pack a few diapers. Remember bathrooms won’t be as readily available in the car or on the place as they are at home. Include some wet wipes for basic hygiene. A change of clothes for your kid is also necessary.

Stock up on Treats before Departure

You better stock up some snacks for your toddler as you travel for that family vacation. Pre-pack some snacks and other treats for your kids so you won’t have to pay premium prices at travel shops. Some treats to pack before leaving include baby carrots, dry cereals, and pretzels. You may also need to pack a refillable water bottle.

Consider Booking the Safest In-Flight Options

If you’re traveling with a child younger than 2 years old, it’s best to book a safety seat and secure him or her in an infant vest or FAA-approved child safety restraint systems. Holding your toddler during the flight might seem to be the cheapest option but won’t really ensure your kid’s safety.

Be Prepared to Sightsee with your Kids

The best way to prepare for your outdoor adventure and sightseeing with your toddler is to ensure you have a child carrier or portable stroller. Your child carrier should be fitted with trinkets, snacks, and a sunshade. Remember kids require some sort of fun stimulation while on travel and even during your sightseeing. Bring child-sized headphones so your child can be entertained throughout the journey. Other options include toys, coloring books, and electronic games.

Prepare your Kids for New Sights and Tastes

Showing toddlers pictures of landmarks, pets, relatives, and other sights in your travel destination is a great way to prepare them and make them feel comfortable when you get there. Consider playing some local music and even serving some of the food there. Include children aged 3 and older in your planning and you’ll be amazed at some of the insights they can provide.

Reserve Accommodations that Suit your Needs

If you’re a large family, going for vacation rental options with cooking facilities might be the best option. Small-sized families can opt for resorts with swimming pools. You can always find accommodation that best suits your budget and needs. So, take your time and find something that offers what you need. Kids love swimming pools. Though your children will need at most an hour a day for swimming, it’s something you shouldn’t ignore when reserving accommodation for your family vacation.

Don’t Lose your Composure Traveling with kids isn’t going to be easy. No matter what your kids do, you have to remain composed. Remember kids are good at reading their parents’ moods and body language. Remain calm and continue with your plans. Be flexible to adopting a new plan in the event the original one fails. Your kids will model your behavior. …

7 Safe Places That You Should Visit In The Post COVID-19 World

  • November 9, 2020

The lockdown has ended. This means that we can now travel anywhere we want to! But, this does not mean that you should take your safety lightly. If you are planning to go on a vacation, there are many safe places that you can visit. So, instead of risking your life and health, you should plan your holidays to one of these places. Want to know the top safe places that you should visit in the post COVID-19 world? Keep reading then.

1. Switzerland

According to a survey, Switzerland tops the list of the safest countries to travel to after the coronavirus. The country has very successfully managed to control the virus even though it was very close to the major epicenters that resulted in the initial spread of the virus. So, if you are looking for a getaway after all the months of being in quarantine, then Switzerland should be your number one choice.

2. Tbilisi, Georgia

Next on our list is Tbilisi in Georgia. This place is among the least affected coronavirus countries. Want to know how? Georgia reacted very quickly to the virus and took all the necessary measures to keep the number of cases low. This is why the virus could not form roots in Tbilisi.

3. Corfu, Greece

According to EBD, this Greek island is the perfect travel destination to recharge yourself after all the stress of COVID-19. The country is among one the least affected countries by the coronavirus because of the Greek healthcare system which is one of the best in entire Europe.

4. Cavtat, Croatia

Cavtat is the perfect travel destination for celebrities and families because of its rich culture and many water sports that the place has to offer. The number of people infected by the virus in Cavtat is twenty times less than the other European countries which makes it an ideal location to spend holidays after the COVID-19.

5. Azores Islands, Portugal

Portugal is also one of the least affected COVID-19 countries which makes the Azores Islands the perfect travel destination. So, if you are looking for a peaceful getaway after all the hustles and bustles of the coronavirus, then you should definitely consider Azores Islands.

6. Preveza, Greece

Preveza in Greece is next on our list. If you are a beach lover, then Preveza has countless beaches that you can visit. The longest beach in Europe can also be found in Preveza. What makes it one of the ideal locations to visit post COVID-19 is it is one of the least affected places in Europe.

7. Alentejo, Portugal

The number of people infected by the virus in Portugal is twenty times less than entire Europe. This is what makes the country a safe place to visit post COVID 19. Alentejo, a region in Portugal is a COVID-19 free zone where you can spend your holidays with your family.

We all deserve a break after months of quarantine. So, if you are planning to go on a holiday, these are the top COVID-19 free safe zones that you can visit without any fear.…

5 Tips for Getting Cheaper Hotel Room for your next Vacation

  • October 19, 2020

One of the most expensive things you have to face when planning your family vacation, romantic getaway, or individual trip is accommodation. Travelers can take advantage of discounts and hotel deals to save money, however. But, that’s not the only way. Here are tips to help you get a great hotel room for your vacation at an affordable price.

Travel during the “Shoulder Season”

The months between the off-peak and peak travel seasons make up the shoulder season. Traveling at this time would mean enjoying favorable weather as well as lower accommodation rates. The shoulder season is also characterized by reduced prices on far rental and flights, less crowds, and shorter lines at popular attractions. Sightseeing is easier and more relaxing at this time compared to the peak travel season. Note that every destination and getaway has its own peak and off-peak travel season.

Go for Accommodation Offering Free Cancellation

 While it’s still possible to get a good deal when you book a room at the last minute, making advance booking can lead to huge savings. It’s important that you take time and compare hotel prices online so you can find the best rate. is a great website where travelers can find rooms with free cancellation. The website allows travelers to lock in the current rate and pay at a later date, giving them some flexibility.

Check Reviews of other Travelers Online is a great place to start. You’ll find reviews of hotels and resorts from different destinations around the world on the website. These reviews should guide you in deciding which hotel or resort to choose based on your needs and budget. makes it easy for you to find what other travelers had to say about a specific hotel.

Go for Less Expensive Hotels

Well, this means you have to do some research and compare the prices online. You have a budget for your vacation and you want to stick to it. Begin your search on websites like Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia, and Priceline. They allow you to compare and choose a hotel room with the best deal. Keep in mind that less expensive doesn’t necessarily mean poor service. In fact, most of the less costly hotels you’ll find out there provide more amenities for less compared to the expensive, high-end hotels and resorts.

Use your Credit Card Points for Hotel Booking

Why not make use of your travel credit card rewards? Most credit cards provide users, and travelers for that matter, with bonus points upon signing up and whenever they spend a certain amount of money over a given period of time. Yes, you can use your credit card rewards and accumulated points to book both your flight and hotel for your vacation. Of course, you can use the credit card rewards for other activities such as guided tours, boat trips and much more.

In conclusion, it’s important that you know how to save money when booking a hotel room for your vacation. In addition to the listed points, you shouldn’t be afraid to negotiate or ask to use their workout facilities. …

Learning more about a new Culture before traveling

  • February 24, 2020

Traveling always means that you are going to do with different cultures. Different cultures that you might have any knowledge about.

And, if you don’t know as much about the culture as possible, you might be offending them without even knowing it. It’s why you should always learn more about a new culture before you are traveling. This is everything you need to know about traveling and a new culture.

Benefits of learning more about the culture

Why should you learn more about the culture before you start traveling to the new country? Isn’t this what traveling is all about? To learn more about the culture during your travels, and not before you start your travels?

There are cultures that have strict rules and regulations. And, if you don’t know what these are before you enter the country, you might do something that will be offensive to them. Meaning that you might not respect their culture. Even, if you didn’t realize it. It gives you a heads up about what you need to know beforehand. 

How can you learn more about the culture

There are different ways on how you can learn more about the culture of the country that you are going to visit. One of these ways is to go online. This is what the internet is there for. Giving us access to all the information about a country and culture before we are arriving at our destination.

Another way is to find someone in the destination country that you can talk to. Make friends with one of the locals online and chat about their culture.  Then, you will also have a friend when you are arriving in the country.

What you can do with your knowledge

What can you do with the knowledge of the new culture? You can go to the country knowing all the rules and regulations of their culture. Making sure that you are respecting everything that there is to respect. 

You will also know if there is a dress code that you as guests need to know about. To ensure that you don’t dress inappropriately to their temples, and to their public places. 

It is great to know more about a culture before you are visiting the country. You might learn things about the culture that you might not have known and that might be important for tourists to know. This is why it is recommended that you are getting to know the different cultures before you are traveling to different countries.