Travelling with Toddlers: Here’s how you can make your Vacation Go Smoothly

  • October 9, 2020

Traveling with toddlers can be quite challenging and overwhelming. Parents often find themselves spending twice as long as much on almost everything. Thanks to our sponsors at Grasslands Environmental for the support! Whether you’re going for a road trip or flying to a destination for vacation, traveling with toddlers requires almost double the preparation you put in for an adult-only trip. So, how do you ensure a smooth traveling experience with your toddler?

Don’t Forget Diapers and other Hygiene Essentials

Travel usually affects everyone and can even mess up your child’s stomach. Don’t assume that everything will just be fine since your kid is completely potty-trained. Be sure to pack a few diapers. Remember bathrooms won’t be as readily available in the car or on the place as they are at home. Include some wet wipes for basic hygiene. A change of clothes for your kid is also necessary.

Stock up on Treats before Departure

You better stock up some snacks for your toddler as you travel for that family vacation. Pre-pack some snacks and other treats for your kids so you won’t have to pay premium prices at travel shops. Some treats to pack before leaving include baby carrots, dry cereals, and pretzels. You may also need to pack a refillable water bottle.

Consider Booking the Safest In-Flight Options

If you’re traveling with a child younger than 2 years old, it’s best to book a safety seat and secure him or her in an infant vest or FAA-approved child safety restraint systems. Holding your toddler during the flight might seem to be the cheapest option but won’t really ensure your kid’s safety.

Be Prepared to Sightsee with your Kids

The best way to prepare for your outdoor adventure and sightseeing with your toddler is to ensure you have a child carrier or portable stroller. Your child carrier should be fitted with trinkets, snacks, and a sunshade. Remember kids require some sort of fun stimulation while on travel and even during your sightseeing. Bring child-sized headphones so your child can be entertained throughout the journey. Other options include toys, coloring books, and electronic games.

Prepare your Kids for New Sights and Tastes

Showing toddlers pictures of landmarks, pets, relatives, and other sights in your travel destination is a great way to prepare them and make them feel comfortable when you get there. Consider playing some local music and even serving some of the food there. Include children aged 3 and older in your planning and you’ll be amazed at some of the insights they can provide.

Reserve Accommodations that Suit your Needs

If you’re a large family, going for vacation rental options with cooking facilities might be the best option. Small-sized families can opt for resorts with swimming pools. You can always find accommodation that best suits your budget and needs. So, take your time and find something that offers what you need. Kids love swimming pools. Though your children will need at most an hour a day for swimming, it’s something you shouldn’t ignore when reserving accommodation for your family vacation.

Don’t Lose your Composure Traveling with kids isn’t going to be easy. No matter what your kids do, you have to remain composed. Remember kids are good at reading their parents’ moods and body language. Remain calm and continue with your plans. Be flexible to adopting a new plan in the event the original one fails. Your kids will model your behavior.

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